My New 2023 Indian Sport Chief!

So, I’d been thinking about getting another RV (smaller and lighter than the last one) but I couldn’t find anything I liked within the price range I wanted to pay (Talk about MAJOR sticker shock!) and so to prevent myself from becoming that BORING, crazy, old cat lady that lives in the house on the corner (No, I don’t have cats.. it’s just a saying!), I decided to buy a motorcycle instead!

I bought a brand new Indian Sport Chief motorcycle. This is the first model year for this bike but I’d say its their best Chief yet. You can see the specs on the Indian Motorcycle website.  

My last bike was a 2007 Harley NightTrain and I had a blast on it. I put on over 32,000 miles on it in the 2.5 years I had it but I knew I wasn’t going to get another Harley this time – my heart was set on an Indian Motorcycle.

I’ve never been fond of full dressers but the cruiser styles tick all the boxes for me. I’d thought about the Indian Scouts (at 1/2 the price of the Sport Chief) but with no suspension and that big ugly radiator in the front they just didn’t appeal to me… but once I saw this one? Oh my. It was LOVE at first site.

Isn’t she a beaut! I named her Stella. (As in: Stella’s Got Her Grove Back. lol) 1800 cc of “WAY TOO FAST”! lol

I did get a taller windshield but I won’t be doing any customization with her. She runs fantastic right from the factory – unlike a Harley… lol!

Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee have FANTASTIC roads for motorcycle riding and I’ve already put over 1200 miles on her and, while I haven’t been taking pictures on my trips to date, I’ll start soon and share with ‘y’all!” LMAO

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