Late additions to the end of 2023

It’s been a while since my last post, “Where did the summer go?“. I’d meant to post about a vacation I took back in October MONTHS ago but procrastination is something I’m very good at. If only I could get paid to do it! 

I had some fantastic motorcycle rides this summer/fall and Stella, now attached to a battery tender in my shed, is just waiting for a nice warmish sunny day this winter to hit the road. I had to remove the old ramp in front of the shed she’s in but I had metal truck loading ramps and that’ll work until I get another ramp built… in the meantime,  it certainly prevents anyone from stealing her as there’s over a foot drop from the shed door to the ground! lol

A quick Teddy update:

Teddy’s being kept on fluconazole for a whole year for his Valley Fever, after which, he’ll get tested. I hope he’s not one of those dogs that needs to be on it for the rest of his life, although, giving him a pill is easy: just grab a bit of ground chicken, put the chicken wrapped pill in one hand and just plain chicken in the other and offer the bit with the pill first –  he’s so busy staring at the second piece, he simply swallows without chewing. lol

My Shenandoah Vacation

The end of October was a perfect time to take a week off and head to the Shenandoah National Park. I’d been through the Shenandoah Valley on Interstate 81 many times but never had the time to do the Skyline Drive or any hiking. 

I stayed at the Ridge Runner Farmstay & Taphouse in Maurertown, VA – in close proximity to all the local attractions and hiking. The owner, Russ, was very nice and the studio I rented was very neat and clean – if lacking in kitchen equipment. Teddy was less nervous than normal during our stay which was a huge relief. Mr. I-HATE-ANYTHING-NEW, lol.

I only did a few hikes in the national park because anyone who knows me knows I hate crowds. lol! A few hikes were near by and I seldom ran into anyone else. The first image is from the Kepler Overlook via the Tuscarora Trail. The images with the river are from the Shenandoah River State Park. Unfortunately, I forgot the names of the other trails! lol

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