or should I say...

Here's HILLARY! ... and Teddy too!

After some careful consideration, I’ve decided to revive my blog. Yep, I figured that now that I have a new motorcycle, I don’t feel so damned boring! Of course that doesn’t mean YOU won’t find me boring but I’ll do the best I can to prevent that. lol

In the beginning…

Rossana Condoleo once said: “Divorce is the start point for a brand new life. Don’t lose the chance to redesign it upon your dreams!” and it wasn’t until after my (last) divorce that I realized I could do just that… create the life that I wanted to live and do it on my own.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely to have someone in your life to share special moments with but if you’re single (like me) and you’re not looking (like me) and you’re comfortable being in your own company for a long period of time (like me)… then the solo lifestyle is the way to go! Being introverted helps too. 😉

I’ve had my own web development company, ONNA Web Design, since 2004 – which made my vagabond lifestyle possible. The only requirements that I needed for my job was internet access and Verizon wireless coverage.

Right after my last divorce in 2004, I moved to Wilmington NC and stayed there for 4 years. Then I started moving – a lot. I’d pick up and move to a new state every 6 to 12 months. It was a pain in the butt packing up everything, renting a U-Haul, then unpacking all the time. A few people recommended I buy an RV but I wasn’t thrilled with that idea – at first – but it ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I bought my first travel trailer in December 2011, a 23′ Eclipse Evolution, which began falling apart almost overnight. (I’ll blame Michael O’Rourke for that bad decision!) From the faulty inverter (Which caused the refrigerator “check light” to come on 3-5 times a day.), to the bad cable line (I had to pull the cable in through a window.), to the buckling interior walls and, when I’d plug anything into an outlet, the circuit breaker would trip.

Worst of all, the trailer had absolutely no insulation and I FROZE when temperatures were 30° or less. You could scrape the icy buildup on the bedroom wall with your fingernail in the morning. I slept in my ski hat, wool socks and long johns too many times to count.

Learning to maneuver the RV took a bit of practice too… “Ok, when I back up I’m supposed to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction I want the trailer to go… I think…oh shit, wrong way!”

In 2013 I purchased the RV I lived in for 7-8 years: A Northwood Arctic Fox 22H. It was a bit smaller than the Eclipse but it was built as a 4 season vehicle, with double-pane windows and full insulation. I only had a few minor problems that were easily fixed. It was small, only 22′, but it worked perfectly for one person. It’s amazing how comfortable you can be with the right trailer.

And now…

A lot has changed since I started doing this site: I bought a house in Virginia around the same time my sister passed away, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and sold the RV to a very nice couple from Asheville, NC – who still send me texts of their travels from time to time. It was just getting to be too much for my Toyota Tacoma to pull in her golden years and I’d hoped to find a smaller, lighter one later.

What I found, unfortunately, was over-priced RVs that were poorly made. If I found one I DID like, it was well over $40,000 used! I can stay in a whole lot of AirBnBs for that price. lol… so I bought a motorcycle instead.

This bike will give me a whole lot of new adventures (I’ll try to keep my trips 4-8 hours during a single day for Teddy.) until I decide to sell this place and buy a camper van capable of staying off grid for a few weeks! Donations are always appreciated since those are expensive! Just kidding – sorta.

PS: All the photos on this site were taken by me. You need to ask my permission if you want to use them.

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