It’s not all doom and gloom – but May was a tough month.

Let’s start with the worst news first. 

1: My sister passed away May 7th after a long illness at the age of 60. Hopefully she’s now found the peace that evaded her in life. I’ll be doing a post later on just how sadly the nursing home treated my sister for the 3 years she was there.

2: I was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 12th. After 5 biopsies (boobie pincushions!), they found 2 malignant tumors in my right breast which has also affected 2 of the closest lymph nodes. I’m waiting to see the oncologist on June 15th. The good news is that is hasn’t spread! I can’t tell you how nail biting it was to wait for THOSE results. This whole thing has been “hurry up and WAIT!”. lol

It’s certainly been a time to contemplate my life but I can honestly say, no matter what happens, I’ve really had a GREAT TIME (…since my last divorce. LOL!) and I’ve met the MOST WONDERFUL people, many of whom I consider the best of friends!

Now for the good news! (I think I heard an “It’s about time…” out there!)

I bought a house! Yep, that’s right… a real stick built house. After 9 years of full time RVing I decided to buy a 1950’s 1200sf 2-bedroom house in western Virginia – in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. The first reason was that Covid-19 made traveling more difficult and finding parts for the RV was even harder. The second reason was that real estate here is still very inexpensive (I paid $62,000 for this place… crazy right?)… and the third reason was that I just wanted a place to hole up in when I didn’t feel like traveling anymore (or for the next pandemic). Of course, as a Yankee, I stand out here like a sore thumb…lol… but everyone’s been very friendly.

I do absolutely adore my 90 year old neighbor who lives 2 houses down. She’s made me feel so welcome! She’s no bigger than a flea but she’s got the heart of a giant. 🙂 (Rest in peace, Betty… Sadly Betty passed away about a year after I moved in.)

The house sits on a corner lot in the town of Jonesville, VA. I’ve already put in raised beds in the back yard and I have plans to do some landscaping around the house next year but first I need: a new roof, new windows, new plumbing, and I want to renovate the kitchen and bath! All of which I’m waiting to do once prices come back down. I’ve already put in a new dual fuel HVAC system, a propane tankless water heater, a propane fireplace insert, and a gas stove!

I’ve had to buy ALL the furnishings too… and for some silly reason, I bought a dark blue velvet sofa… just so I can easily see Teddy’s hair. *snort.

It’s certainly different having room to move around in but Teddy LOVES it here! So much grass to roll around in, so many squirrels to chase! lol

I do my grocery shopping in Middlesboro, KY (45 minutes). I go to the doctor in Kingsport, TN (60 minutes)… and Costco is only 2 hours away in Knoxville! LOL! Yep, I’m in the middle of NOWHERE! … but it sure is pretty.

Teddy – waiting for squirrels.

Looking down at Wilderness Road which is part of the Danial Boone Historic Trail.

Cumberland Gap National Park last fall.

Natural Tunnel State Park has some very nice hikes and if you look closely, you can see the railroad tracks going through the tunnel in the picture above.

A few from the main trail at Wilderness State Park.

Teddy likes to do weird things to my iris bed!

10 thoughts on “It’s not all doom and gloom – but May was a tough month.”

  1. Looks so beautiful there. Green. And, my god, you have furniture like a regular person! I’m sure Teddy loves it. Could I send Toby and Bella there for their summer vacation?
    Also – the garden. So different than what one can do here. Happy and sad and anxious for you at the same time.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Yes, the green is one of the reasons I bought this place… and I’ll be happy to take Toby and Bella for the summer! (You’ll need to put a fence up in the yard tho… LOL!) … and thank you.

    1. Thank you Carolyn! I appreciate you so very much. I have a TON of plans for the place but now is the time for patience. lol

  2. Words cannot express how much you are missed, and this was so great to read!
    If Penelope was there, she would have to be shackled to me so she didn’t go in search of the squirrels and chipmunks! 😂

  3. Glenn Carpenter

    Our condolences for the loss of your sister. We also offer our hearts for your recovery. Three years ago Susan had throat cancer and between the chemo & radiation, we know about the good days and the lessor days. We hope you have few of the lessor ones. Reach out to those you feel comfortable talking with. Surprisingly – it does help!

    Wow… you domesticated… with a house. Who’d a thunk.

    Wish I’d known you were there. I was around Knoxville last week…. And up in Lynchburg the month before.

    Our prayers for good news next week,

    1. Thank you Glenn. I appreciate your words a lot. …and I know… who knew I’d become so domesticated! Well, to a point anyway! lol
      Let me know the next time you’re in my neck of the woods and please give my best to Susan.

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