Welcome to June in Port Orford, Oregon!

Well, it’s been wetter and windier than normal here on the coast of Oregon but summer is finally getting here!

I’ve been pretty busy with work so I don’t have any new places to show (yet) but thought I’d share a few pictures of places I have been… including some BIG bear tracks. lol

The images are from Cape Blanco State Park, Battle Rock Park (Which is named for the historic battle that took place at Battle Rock where the Qua-to-mah Native Americans fought Capt. William Tichenor’s men in 1851.), and Dog Beach near the port itself.

This closeup was taken with my iPhone. I just love these little tiny flowers!

I have no idea what the ruin above is. It’s off one of the horse trails at the state park. I just thought it was cool. lol

7 thoughts on “Welcome to June in Port Orford, Oregon!”

  1. Marianne Williams

    Love your photos and comments, as usual. Hope Teddy is doing well.
    Enjoy an awesome summer!!

    1. Hi Marianne! Thank you and I hope you and Larry are doing well too! Teddy is always happy to be at the beach running around with all his pals! I think it’ll be a great summer! Take care of yourself!

  2. Larry Egerton

    Hi Hillary! Your photos are always great to see! I’m glad to hear your are busy with work too. I’m sill hanging out in Charlotte with my fiancee’ Jean, and riding with the Blue Knights here.

    1. Larry! It’s great to hear from you. … and with a fiancée! Congratulations! Wishing you both the best. How’s Charlotte this time of year?

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