Before I left – and on the way…

SOOOOO…. I am BACK in Port Orford, Oregon for the summer. I’d planned on going to the east coast this summer but, just in case I was needed by my sister in Tucson, the distance from here is definitely more doable. (Making the 5200+ mile round trip from NH would NOT have made Teddy happy – and driving 5 days straight, staying for an uncertain amount of time, then driving back 5 straight days would not have made ME happy OR my checkbook.)

I do have to say that being back in Port Orford is no hardship! Teddy is loving running on the beach again without fear of cactus, thorny seed pods, or biting ants. (Hopefully his Valley Fever will disappear again too.) The weather is rainy but it IS spring and this too shall pass. I’ll take 55° and rainy over 100° and sunny every day! Luckily it doesn’t rain here much in the summer.

Before I left Tucson, I stopped up at the Catalina State Park to view their wildflower bloom and thought I’d share a few of those photos. I also stopped at Joshua Tree National Park on the way here and took a few pictures of their wildflowers. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Before I left – and on the way…”

  1. Glenn Carpenter

    Great pictures but one or two that include you would be nice. That way we know you are alive and someone hasn’t hacked your blog….LOL

    1. Well hell, if I was even SLIGHTLY photogenic, I’d be posting selfies all over the place … but I’m not and I’ve gotten fat… lol!

  2. dogpark Margaret

    Mark and Gay and Joan have all asked about you and TED … all people I had not met before, but who are missing your strolls with TED through Smiling Dog Ranch and its parkways! Of course Ted, Cooper, Dexter, Toby and Duncan are wondering where TEDDY2 is. We have had two recent days with sprinkles that broke 90-degree highs … Summer’s coming. I would be interested to know what kind of camera you are using to get all of your fabulous photos? As usual they are wonderful. Stay away from bears and be well!

    1. Hi Margaret!

      Teddy is so happy being on the beach again, although I just found a tick on him so he got dosed with Frontline a few minutes ago. It’s been cool and rainy here but sunnier days are on their way! (I know who Gay and Joan are but Mark? I haven’t a clue. lol)

      As far as my camera is concerned, for almost all the newer photos on my site, I’m simply using my iPhone’s camera. Some of the earlier images were taken with my Canon EO2 60D. The Canon is much better when I need to zoom in on things.

      I’ve been staying away from bears so far… but Teddy got attacked by a dog yesterday. (A nip near his eye made for a lot of blood but it was just a scratch. *whew!) Right before the dog went after Teddy, it went after a little child walking by with her family (her grandmother saved her from being bit)… Then I thought for sure it was going to attack me when I got between it and Teddy but a nice woman driving by stopped and honked her horn until the owner finally came running out of her house. Crazy people owning crazy dogs. (I reported the incident to the police.)

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