Catalina State Park, Tucson AZ

Well, it’s been a long while since I posted anything new here so I thought I’d better add something to help some of you stop wondering if I was alive or not. lol!

I HAD planned to stay up in the White Mountains of Arizona from October – December but my sister ended up in the hospital (and she’s been in one facility or another since then). I ended up in Tucson just days after I left Oregon. At least this year has been cooler than previous years so I haven’t over-heated… and I haven’t whined as much either! There’s also been more rain this winter than I’ve ever seen before. It should make for some beautiful wildflowers this spring!

Catalina State Park

There’s not a ton of hiking trails close by that I can take Teddy on, he’s not cactus smart, but the Catalina State Park has some nice trails that ARE dog friendly. The Coronado National Forest, which which includes the Desert Bighorn Sheep Management Area and the Wilderness Area, border the park but those areas are closed to dogs.

Here’s the blurb from the state park website:

“Catalina State Park sits at the base of the majestic Santa Catalina Mountains. The park is a haven for desert plants and wildlife and nearly 5,000 saguaros. The 5,500 acres of foothills, canyons and streams invites camping, picnicking and bird watching — more than 150 species of birds call the park home. The park provides miles of equestrian, birding, hiking, and biking trails which wind through the park and into the Coronado National Forest at elevations near 3,000 feet. The park is located within minutes of the Tucson metropolitan area. This scenic desert park also offers equestrian trails and an equestrian center provides a staging area for trail riders with plenty of trailer parking. Bring along your curiosity and your sense of adventure as you take in the beautiful mountain backdrop, desert wildflowers, cacti and wildlife.”

The park also offers a lot of programs and events including: guided bird walks, Sunday Geology walks, Music in the Mountains concerts, and wildlife photography.

5 thoughts on “Catalina State Park, Tucson AZ”

  1. Marianne Williams

    Love your photos of Catalina State Park….especially the one of Teddy and snow on the distant mountains!
    Thankfully there is more rain/snow this winter! It is a beautiful park with a lot of variety! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pretty lady it’s good to see you out and about and seemingly healthy! We’ll be in Las Vegas permanently in the upcoming months. You always have a place to visit.

  3. Bobbi Ochoa Martinez

    hey lady
    Its about time you got off your ass and posted, not like you have a job or commitments. looking forward to seeing you soon.hope everything is looking up. we are always here for you. love to you and ted

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