An Oregon sightseeing trip cut short

Well, I’d hoped that I’d still be running around Oregon today but alas… the 7-10 day vacation I’d planned for this week got cut short by work emergencies. The 6 hour drive home was beautiful tho! lol (Poor Teddy was NOT amused.)

I was able to spend 2 nights at Waldo Lake in the Cascades (Willamette National Forest). It’s one of the largest natural lakes in Oregon and one of the purest lakes in the world. It has no permanent inlet to bring nutrients to the lake for plant growth which helps keep it pure. You can see to depths of 120 feet on a calm day. No motorized boats are allowed on the lake and it’s wonderfully peaceful.

It’s surrounded by Douglas fir and Western hemlock and there are a bunch of trials for hiking. I hiked a bit on the Waldo Lake Trail (a 20-mile loop trail at 5,400′) and the Shoreline Trail. It’s far from the main road so it’s completely quiet at night except for the wildlife and, this time of year, the drone of a million mosquitoes trying to suck the life out of you. (Poor Teddy wan’t amused about the mosquitoes either. LMAO)

Part of the forest around the lake was decimated by fire in 1996 but it’s cool to see all the new growth.

2 thoughts on “An Oregon sightseeing trip cut short”

  1. dogpark Margaret

    Such blue blue water … juxtaposed with the ravages of the fire says a lot about this old earth’s ability to survive. TED looks like he has made the full transition to water dog! We are having scattered monsoons here … muggy but much better than 109! Jerry, Diane, Sassy and Cooper up in Pinetop. They had a scare with Sassy … unable to walk, not eating and brought her back to Tucson to see their vet. She had a miraculous recovery and was playing with Cooper a week later. They left for Pinetop again about a month ago … hopefully she is still doing well. Duncan, Toby and Dexter are all doing good … and my Ted is chasing lizards, helping save baby squirrels (sorta) and chasing 8 ft. hawks. Stay well both of you!

  2. Hi Margaret!
    Ted’s not quite a water dog. Rarely does he get in deep enough to actually swim but he does like to cool off! … and I don’t know how you guys can take that kind of heat. I’m wilting when it’s in the 70’s here. (That may have something to do with the high humidity.)

    I’m glad Sassy is better. That poor dog. Teddy is now off of the anti-fungal but he’ll have to be tested again. We miss you guys and your Ted – should watch out for those hawks! My Ted has a contingency of crows that no longer like him and will express their dislike when ever they see us. lol

    Try to stay cool!

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