In and Around Port Orford

I haven’t done a TON of exploring yet but I thought I’d share these pictures I took atย Camp Blanco State Park, New River Nature Center, Humbug Mountain State Park, Paradise Point Recreation Site, Tseriadun State Recreation Site, Port Orford Lifeboat Station, and a few others.

There’s a great 4-5 mile loop that you can do from the Camp Blanco RV park: Walk south to Iseriadun State Park and Agate Beach (where you can find agate, naturally…) then head north on the beach to Paradise Point Recreation Site, then it’s a short jaunt back to the RV park.

Here’s Teddy chasing the mole crabs – scientific name: enerita –ย  at the Seven Devils State Recreation Site – and there’s millions of the little buggers. (and they’re slightly creepy.) lol

Camp Blanco State Park:

Sadly, this seal is dying. Probably from Leptospirosis which is a bacterial disease and highly contagious. I contacted the park host and they contacted the park rangers. Luckily Teddy had a shot for that in Colorado last year.

New River Nature Center:

Humbug Mountain Trail:

There’s not a big view from the top of this 1,756′ mountain but the trail, through old-growth temperate rainforest, is phenomenal.

Port Orford Lifeboat Station:

Paradise Point Recreation Site:

… and here’s a relaxing video of the waves at Paradise Point – just in case you need to relax. ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “In and Around Port Orford”

  1. Hi!!!! I don’t blame Teddy for being freaked out by the mole crabs. Do people ever venture into that water? All those little crabs surrounding your feet. Ich.
    Hey, it’s only in the low 70’s today (back to warm tomorrow, then some more “cool” next week)’ Life at the beach in Oregon looks very appealing. We all miss you. And Teddy.

  2. Hi Barbara – I miss you guys too! … and the mole crabs can’t hurt you – they don’t have claws like other crabs – but I wouldn’t want to go wading in the water either!

    It’s been in the 50s here but I love the cooler temperatures. We did get 3″ of rain in one day last week tho. That was a BIT much.

  3. dogpark Margaret

    1) Breathtaking scenery … you have quite the artistic eye.
    2) TED looks like he is growing his feathers back … he’ll need a bear’s coat this Fall.
    3) That wind makes me want to put on a parka … and run away from the crabs.
    Stay well … Margaret and Teddy say howdy.

    1. Thank you Margaret!
      Teddy IS growing his feathers back, lol… and the wind can be pretty brutal. Yesterday I tried to walk on the beach south of here only to be driven off by painfully blowing sand – Teddy was not amused – I’m still brushing sand from his coat.
      Teddy misses Teddy. Stay well yourself.

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