A Month in the White Mountains of Arizona

I’m finishing up a month in Pinetop/Lakeside Arizona enjoying the cooler weather and the easy hikes in the White Mountain Trail system – which is a series of multi-use, major loop trails and connector trails in the Apache-Sitegreaves National Forests.

I’ve enjoyed my stay at the Rainbow Forest RV Park which is, according to their website, located in the largest stand of Ponderosa Pines in the world. At an elevation of about 6,800′ – fall is definitely in the air. Most people have left so the RV park is pretty empty – which is great because I’ve had a back corner all to myself. There’s also a very nice dog park in Show Low, AZ that Teddy LOVES. lol

The trail system here is super easy to access and I’ve enjoyed the Panorama Trail, Timber Mesa Trail, Springs Trail, Rim Trail, Ice Cave Trail (which is actually a lava tube), Country Club Trail, and the Buena Vista Trail.

On the Panorama Trail I actually saw a Mexican Grey Wolf – it was AMAZING! I didn’t get a picture because: I saw the wolf, the wolf saw me, then Teddy saw the wolf and thought it’d be a great idea to run after it… not.

Wolves were reintroduced to this area in 1998 and now there is a population of about 113 in eastern Arizona and New Mexico. Seeing that wolf made my month! I also saw lots of coyotes, elk, deer, and 1 skunk. (Luckily Teddy didn’t see the skunk.)

3 thoughts on “A Month in the White Mountains of Arizona”

  1. Beautiful pictures and I am glad you have your companion with you. Teddy is a gorgeous dog. I am sad to have to tell you that you lost your drinking buddy today. We had to put Goofus down after 12 years with him. Definitely the hardest thing about having a dog is saying goodbye.. And lastly – have a great Birthday – my non FB friend.

    1. Hey JT thank you for the birthday wish! Teddy is a pretty amazing guy but I’m so sorry to hear about Goofus… He’ll be missed. That dog did like his beer! … and I’m not missing FB. *laughs

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