Back in Buena Vista, Colorado – with a new friend!

Wow. I haven’t posted anything in AGES and that’s mostly because I haven’t done anything exciting since last year. That makes me rather sad too! lol.

I’m back in Buena Vista Colorado this year until October so I’ll be repeating some of the hikes I loved the most from last year and hopefully a few new ones. I just LOVE Colorado. I’m also using my iPhone for more picture taking. I haven’t felt like lugging around my Canon. lol.

What else is new? Why, TED! TED stands for Totally Excellent Dog (I love acronyms) and I adopted him on June 18th from the Denver Dumb Friends League in, obviously, Denver Colorado. So get used to seeing him in pictures! If you’re not a dog lover… pffffft… who wouldn’t love Teddy with his teddy?

Teddy is a Heinz 57 mixture but I think there’s some hunting cur and terrier in there. Teddy is extremely fearful of people but in time, with lots of patience, I know he’ll get much better. He’s already walking off leash (when there aren’t any other people on the trail) and likes to wake me up with a paw to the face. It’s been YEARS since I’ve had a pet of any kind so Ted and I are slowly getting used to each other.

On a different note, being in Colorado this early in the year means many of the trails I love are still covered in snow. I’ve tried the Ptarmigan Lake trail 3 times now – only to lose the trail a mile from the lake every time. lol

Here’s Teddy in the Twin Lakes. He’s not much of a swimmer.

The road up to the Alpine Tunnel trail was still impassable when I tried it a week ago. I’m not sure Teddy ever saw snow before, as he was sent to Denver from Texas, but he sure had a blast running circles around in it.

This is a hike I didn’t do last year. The Brown’s Creek Trail up to the waterfall – a 6 miles round trip on a dusty, but not very busy, trail. You can actually hike an additional 3.5 miles to Browns Lake but I don’t have that kind of stamina.

It’s a steady climb about 1.7 miles then it levels out through the woods and a beautiful meadow. There’s a few creek crossings – all with bridges –  and the waterfall is quite spectacular now that the snow is melting.

2 thoughts on “Back in Buena Vista, Colorado – with a new friend!”

  1. Hey — congratulations on your new companion. I think it is a great move!! Having someone to talk to all day will keep you sane – err, or at least help.I see you’ve ditched FB again, so I had to find you here. Have fun…..

    1. Hey you! Thanks! Teddy is going to be an amazing dog once he gets over his fears… with my very patient help of course. LOL! And we both agree, sane isn’t an adjective used to describe me all that often.

      Facebook gets old… or maybe I’m getting old and have less patience for Facebook. Or maybe I have less tolerance for the intolerant.

      Miss you guys!!!

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