Avalanche Trailhead – Colorado Trail, Buena Vista CO

The Colorado Trail, from the Avalanche Trailhead, starts off steep and stays that way. According to my GPS, I hiked 3.65 miles (one way) with an elevation gain of 2700+ feet. I stopped at the ridge of the trail (12,054′) right before it starts heading back down on the opposite side. There was a small offshoot trail to the right that takes you up to amazing views.

I passed a 1/2 dozen thru-hikers heading in the opposite direction – all except for a very nice retired couple from Kansas City who were heading the same way. They’d been on the trail 7 days and both of them had celebrated their 68th birthdays. Amazing. Every time I see people in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s thru-hiking these trails I’m just in awe! Although, I would have liked to have tripped that guy jogging up like it was nothing!





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