Graham Gulch Trail, Twin Lakes CO

OK… OK… Technically, I only started on the Graham Gulch Trail. There I was, dutifully following the directions in “The Mellow Mountain Trails” book, when it told me to “stay right” just one too many times, so of course, I went left. Everyone knows I don’t always follow directions well.

I’m not sure what trail I ended up on but it was extremely lightly used, not easy to follow in places, and it took me to a beautiful basin above the tree line. I completely lost the trail once I was in the meadow (or maybe the trail simply ended) but it was easy enough to follow the stream up the rest of the way, until it too disappeared.

The wildflowers are in bloom, so you know I can’t pass up taking pictures of them, and there was a surprising amount of snow left. The whole hike was approx. 5 miles round trip but I forgot my GPS so I’m not positive and forgetting my GPS is BAD because I always mark my truck as a waypoint – just in case. (See point about following directions.)

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