Chalk Creek – Colorado Trail South, Buena Vista CO

I’ve been doing a few easy hikes since I got here last week but I decided I really needed to get a comprehensive trail guide so I purchased a book called, “The Local’s Adventure Guide to Mellow Mountain Trails – 27 Fun Day Hikes in Salida and Buena Vista”.

The directions to the trailheads are very accurate and the description of the trails are dead on. I’m looking forward to hiking most of the trails described in the book. It’ll be great having not having to hike on the same trail more than once for the next 30 days plus most of the hikes are within a 30 mile radius.

This particular hike, my first from the book, was a beautiful single-track trail that starts at Chalk Creek and meanders south on the Colorado Trail. It climbs steadily from 8,455′ to 9,348′ with a couple of steep switchbacks right before you reach the top. It’s about 4 miles out and back and it takes about 2 hours to complete. … Unless of course you’re gasping for breath and have to stop every 10 feet. LOL!

Looking west on the Chalk Creek Trail Looking west on the Chalk Creek Trail Chalk Creek Trail

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