Grandview Trail #66, Dixie National Forest, Utah

Sometimes you end up in the most beautiful places – strictly by luck.

Today was the first day I ventured forth with a fully loaded backpack. (Including a bear canister – which is required in many parks now.) I can’t tell you the last time I carried everything I’d need for 2-3 days on my back. 😉 I have quite a few overnight hiking trips planned (14-20 miles round trip) and need to build up some stamina. My day pack usually runs about 8-10 lbs but my backpack felt like 50… lol

Avoiding the Bryce crowds, I headed back towards Tropic Reservoir (See my post on Proctor Canyon.) and continued past about 10 miles, made a right at the Kanab Creek sign and then, after another 10 miles or so, made a left at the Middle Fork Kanab Creek sign.

A couple of miles down the road I stopped at an old logging road (no signs) and began my hike. I followed the road up until I hit a hiking trail, then followed that until I ended up overlooking the valley you see below (only about 1.6 miles one way). Unfortunately, I didn’t have my Canon with me so I had to make due with my phone camera.

I tried to find information on the trail but there really isn’t much available. It looked like I was the first one on this section in a really long time and I had the whole place to myself. WOOT!

Grandview Trail #66 Grandview Trail #66 Grandview Trail Grandview Trail in Dixie National Forest Grandview Trail in Dixie National Forest Grandview Trail in Dixie National Forest

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    1. Hey Sis! I’m afraid those pictures from the phone won’t print out very well.. but I’ll be going back! (Probably even spend the night up there. heh)

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