… is exhausting!

These guys are right outside my window so I get to watch their antics and I couldn’t help but share just how cute they are. (Although, when I was landscaping professionally and they were merrily munching on my spring bulbs – they weren’t so cute. lol)

At least SOMETHING enjoys the hammock out in the yard on 90 degree days – even if the roadrunner looks a bit upset about it. *laughs

Almost every time I see a Gambel’s Quail I think of Bugs Bunny, Quentin Quail or the Crackpot Quail cartoons and I start to laugh. Obviously, I’m easy to amuse.

Baby chipmunk Baby chipmunks - Tucson Arizona Baby chipmunks - Tucson Arizona Mother chipmunk - Tucson Arizona Baby chipmunks - Tucson Arizona Arizona roadrunner Arizona roadrunner Gambel's Quail Gambel's Quail hanging out. Gambel's Quail

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