What I look for in an RV park

by Hillary

RV park preferences are a bit like food. Some people want incredibly complicated cuisine that contains 30 ingredients all topped with some rare truffle that costs more per ounce than my RV – while others are happy with fish tacos. I’m happy to say that I’m definitely a fish taco kind of girl.

So just what am I looking for?

When looking for the “perfect Hillary park” there are only a few things that I need to be happy:

  • Be in a convenient location close to outdoor adventures.
  • Have less than 50 RV spots in the park with enough room so your neighbor’s slide-out isn’t 12″ from your kitchen window.
  • Be relatively inexpensive.
  • Have good internet/cellphone access.

Pretty simple, right?

Location! Location! Location!

I’m lazy and I procrastinate. Being close to activities means it’s more likely that I’ll get out and actually do something besides work on my laptop. Driving an hour or longer, on a daily basis, to go hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, sight seeing, and/or swimming just won’t work.

Yes, size really does matter.

I’m not extremely social (Introverts like me break out in a cold sweat at the thought of group activities.) so having a park that hosts large events and has tons of amenities is completely unnecessary for me. I also can’t stand being surrounded by hundreds of other RVers – packed in like sardines. I mean, what if the zombie apocalypse happened while I was in the midst of that crowd? Think of the carnage!

It’s How Much???

My other consideration is price. I’m cheap. Although my sister likes to call me “frugal”. Right. Anyway… I find staying for a month or longer at any given place makes it more affordable. The best places for me are $400 or less per month – unless it’s a highly sought out location and then I might splurge for a month or 2.

Phone and internet.

The spot must have Verizon phone coverage (voice and data) and hopefully good WiFi. Now, I’m sure you realize that without phone and internet, I can’t work on this blog or download those silly romance books I read occasionally. (*gasp!) I don’t really mind if the WiFi is bad (It’s not unusual, I’m sorry to say.) but my hotspot has got to work in the event that the park WiFi can’t keep up with demand.

How I find them?

Doing a Google map search for a location, say Tucson, then looking for rv parks in that area has worked the best for me. I always look at reviews (although, I think some glowing reviews were written by people with questionable mental health), I check out their website, and, because of my OCD, I always book ahead of time.

Being there.

More often or not, I get lucky and find a park I really like, or at least, one that I can put up with for a month, but occasionally I don’t. I mean I really don’t – as in “lock the doors, make sure the gun is loaded, and OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING!” don’t.

… and finally.

Word of mouth is the best way to find hidden gems. Talk to people! Feel free to contact me if you have a spot to recommend. I’m always interested!

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