Taos Monte Bello RV Park, Taos NM

by Hillary

Taos New Mexico is simply a beautiful place to be and, in the summer of 2012, the Monte Bello RV Park was my park of choice. The owners of the RV park, John and Concha, were exceptionally nice and very helpful for the full 5 months I was there. While the park is technically situated in El Prado, it’s only a short drive to many of Taos’ attractions and activities.

The only bad thing I can say of the park is that there isn’t a single shade tree. However, since I spent most of my time hiking in the Carson National Forest or in the Taos Ski area or exploring the rest of what Taos has to offer, it wasn’t an issue.

While you’re here:



The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, At 565 feet (172 m) above the Rio Grande, it is the seventh highest bridge in the United States and just 10 miles northwest of Taos. You can walk out the bridge and look down but it’s not for those faint of heart!





The Rio Grande Gorge is just minutes from the RV park. The Rio Grande is among the longest twenty-five rivers in the world and the fourth or fifth longest in North America.  It starts near the Continental Divide in the San Juan Mountains, runs 470 miles through New Mexico to the border of Texas and the Mexican province of Chihuahua, and empties into the Gulf of Mexico. The river is between 1,800 and 1,900 miles long overall, depending on how its course changes from year to year.

One of the best views is by hot air ballon. 🙂 There are a few outfits offering hot air balloon rides down through the gorge but I went with Eske’s Paradise Balloons.  Ken Eske was a wealth of information about the area and just an all around nice guy.



Wheeler Lake is a 2 mile hike, with a 849 foot elevation gain, from the parking lot at the Taos Ski area. This beautiful lake has gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. You can continue on to Mount Wheeler, which is the highest peak in NM at 13,161 feet, but from the lake but it’s a 2,125 foot elevation gain in only about 1 mile.



There are many hiking trails up at the Taos Ski Area and the views are well worth the exertion.




This was a beautiful hike up in Red River, New Mexico to a place called Horseshoe Lake. At an elevation of 11,950 feet it has amazing views. It’s approximately 7 miles one way from the parking area with a gradual incline in parts and a few steep switch backs in others.

Part of the Horseshoe Lake Trail follows a section of “The Big Ditch”. An interesting piece of history. The groundhog below was so busy digging that he didn’t hear me until I was just a few feet away.




These big horn sheep ewes are losing their winter coats in late spring and making a wide circle around me.



Fall is a great time to be in northern New Mexico. The air is crisp and the leaves turn a brilliant yellow.

Downtown Taos above and below – a visit to New Mexico wouldn’t be complete without seeing your first horny toad! (Technically it’s a “short-horned lizard” but, I like my version better.)


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